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Rust is a serious concern for any car owner. In the event that you find rust on the body of your car, you will want to visit an auto body shop in San Jose right away. When rust is left to sit on your car for too long, your auto body paint and steel frame could begin to rapidly deteriorate. Fortunately, car paint shops have all of the equipment needed to remove rust for good. To help you care for your car, here is an overview of what you need to know about automotive rust.

An image of a rusted car
The Causes of Rust

There are several common causes of rusting on vehicles. Rust forms when the molecules in the metal parts of your car come into contact with water or air. When salt is incorporated into the mix, the process of oxidization, or rusting, will occur much more rapidly. This chemical process is commonly called corrosion.

Why Rust Is Dangerous

Rust poses several different threats to the appearance and safety of your car. Since rust spreads, a minor rust problem could quickly turn into a major auto body problem. Along with being unsightly, rust can also compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. To ensure that your car is safe to drive, you should be sure to schedule rust removal.

The Rust Removal Process

In order to remove rust from your vehicle, you may need to bring your car to an auto body shop. At the shop, a team of technicians will be able to sand away the rusted parts of your vehicle’s body. After the rust has been removed, your technicians will apply new paint or another type of sealant.

If you have found rust on your car, do not hesitate to book an appointment at Michael J’s Body Shop. Along with our dent repair services, our auto paint shop can also fully remove your rust problem for good. Call our San Jose location at 408-279-2070 to book an appointment for your car today.