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Stocking your car with an emergency kit is an important part of staying safe on the roads, especially in winter, when the weather can be treacherous. Even if you don’t live in an area that typically gets extreme winter weather, preparing an emergency kit is still important, so you’re ready for unexpected chills and road trips to colder climates. Auto body work can save your car after a winter collision, while your emergency kit could save your life. Here is what you should put into it.

Emergency kit for car
Basic Car Service Supplies

By stocking your car with supplies that could help you deal with a minor breakdown, you could avoid being stranded. Stock your trunk with antifreeze, no-freeze windshield wiper fluid, jumper cables, a spare tire, and tools you’ll need for changing a tire. In addition to being ready to top up fluid levels if necessary while on the road, aim to keep your car filled with no less than half a tank of gas at all times.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit will help you treat any injuries that occur as the result of an accident. You can purchase a prepared kit that comes pre-stocked with supplies, or you can assemble one of your own. Get Band-Aids, gauze, tape, antiseptic wipes, and scissors at a minimum. If you or a regular passenger has a medical condition, such as diabetes, carry items to treat an emergency as well, such as glucose tablets.

Miscellaneous Items

Your emergency kit should also include non-perishable snacks, a phone charger, blankets, and emergency signaling devices, such as flares and reflectors. To store water in the car, empty a small amount out of the bottle, so there is room for the liquid to expand and contract in fluctuating temperatures.

At Michael J’s Body Shop, our collision repair services include everything you need to get you back on the road, from dent repair to frame straightening in San Jose. For more information, please call 408-279-2070.