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A man looking at the damage after collision with another car

A car collision is a serious incident, no matter how experienced you may be behind the wheel. If you experience a collision, you should be sure to bring your vehicle to a highly rated auto body shop in San Jose. With professional auto body repair services, you can ensure that your car is restored to its original condition. A collision repair shop specializing in paintless dent removal and other state-of-the-art auto body services can get you back on the road in no time. Here is a closer look at some steps to take immediately following a collision.

Remain Calm

Immediately following a collision, it is highly important to remain as calm as possible. For example, if you can, you should move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic. This action will help to prevent further accident or injury and will provide you with a safe location to contact the authorities.

Call for Emergency Services

Once you have determined that you are not in immediate danger, your next step should be to call for emergency services. Depending on the severity of the collision, you may require assistance from a police unit, ambulance, or tow truck. Once you have contacted the emergency dispatch, you can rest assured that help is on its way.

Exchange Information

After calling for emergency services, your next step will be to exchange information with any other drivers who were involved in the collision. This information will be necessary for filing a claim with your insurance company. Along with personal information, be sure to take down license plate numbers and insurance policy numbers.

If you are in need of collision repair, be sure to trust the experienced technicians at Michael J’s Body Shop. With three locations in the San Jose area, we are conveniently located to provide you with all of your auto body repairs. Call us at 408-279-2070 to set up an auto body service appointment at a location that is nearest to you