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Safety may be a primary factor that you look for in a vehicle, but it’s up to you to ensure that it remains safe over the years. You can do this by working with your auto body shop, maintaining your vehicle in between visits, and preparing your car as the weather changes. Keep reading for more tips about ways to make your car safer.

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See Your Auto Body Specialist

Regularly visiting your auto body shop for maintenance can work wonders for your vehicle in terms of performance, handling, and—most importantly—safety. Whether it’s been a while since you had your car maintained or you think there might be an issue, you shouldn’t wait too long to see your auto body shop technician. Be sure to continue to foster a positive relationship with your collision repair shop so you can benefit from the team’s skill and expertise.

Maintain On Your Own

The technician you see at your auto body shop may be your hero, but there are steps you should take to maintain your car even when it’s not yet time to visit the shop again. When you don’t maintain your car, you run the risk of developing problems. These problems can quickly grow from small issues into severe concerns that ultimately affect the safety of your car. Make sure you’re changing your oil, checking your tires, and performing routine maintenance tasks in between visits to the auto body shop.

Consider the Season

Driving conditions tend to change as the seasons do, and sometimes quite substantially. Make sure you winterize your car before the cold season starts, which typically involves switching out your tires and changing your oil. Work with your auto body shop to make sure your vehicle is optimized for the time of year.

Let the team at Michael J’s Body Shop help make your car safer. Give us a call at 408-279-2070 or head over to our website to learn about our car dent repair and auto body paint. You can also stop by our auto body shop in San Jose to learn more today.