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An image of a dented car

Paintless dent removal can be used to treat specific types of dents and scratches on your car. Although some people are able to perform this service themselves, many choose to bring their car into an auto body repair shop in order to have it done by professionals. Keep reading to learn how paintless dent removal works and the benefits of taking your vehicle to an auto body repair shop in San Jose.


Paintless dent removal is not for every circumstance; in order to qualify for this service, your vehicle’s paint must remain intact after the collision. If your paint is cracked, chipped, or removed in any way, you will need a different kind of procedure. When you are involved in some sort of collision that causes your clear coat, primer, and paint to be pierced, your car is susceptible to rust. This is a more severe problem that cannot be addressed with paintless dent removal. Paintless dent removal is used to repair softer dents that are typically only aesthetic in nature.

Identifying the Area

The first step in performing paintless dent removal is to identify the location of the dent. This is more than simply pointing to the dent from the outside; you must also figure out how to access the area from the opposite side. For this reason, it helps to bring your car into an auto body repair shop. Professionals will know what needs to be removed from the car in order to reach the dent from the inside so that it can be removed.

Choosing the Right Tools

The tools used for a paintless dent removal depend on the location of the dent and the amount of pressure necessary to remove the dent. Your auto body professional may decide to hold an additional tool on the outside of the dent while gently pushing from the inside.

If you would like to learn more about the paintless dent removal process, call Michael J’s Body Shop at 408-279-2070. For over 20 years we have served the San Jose area with auto body and collision repairs. For more information about our services feel free to visit our website or stop by one of our auto body repair locations in San Jose.