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A shiny coat of paint provides your car with much more than style and visual appeal. In fact, a properly maintained paint job protects your vehicle’s steel components from rusting and deteriorating over time. If you have scratches in your paint or other forms of damage, do not wait to schedule services at an auto paint shop. Read on for an overview of three things that can do some serious damage to your car’s paint job.

Tree Sap

If you frequently park your car underneath a tree, you should continually be on the lookout for tree sap stains on the surface of your car’s paint. Tree sap is an extremely sticky substance that hardens once it falls onto the surface of your car. Leaving tree sap on the surface of your car’s paint can cause significant damage to its clear coat, as well as the paint layers that are underneath the surface.

A professional coating the car with paint to remove scratches


When you head to the gas station to fuel up your car, you may be ruining your car’s paint, without even knowing that you are doing so. Gasoline is a highly corrosive substance that can eat away at your car’s paint job. Spilling a few drops of gasoline on your car’s exterior can lead to significant paint damage over time.


UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to your car’s paint job. If you park your car in a hot, sunny location every day, continued sun exposure can cause your automotive paint to peel away and fade. To prevent sun damage to your car’s exterior, you will need to park in a shady location whenever possible.

At Michael J’s Body Shop, our auto paint shop can fix any type of damage that may have occurred to your car’s paint. As one of the leading car paint shops in San Jose, we are proud to offer expert painting services. To make an appointment at our auto body shop, give us a call at 408-279-2070.