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When your vehicle is involved in a collision, you want to repair the damage with the best available parts and services. Once you bring your damaged vehicle to the body shop for repairs, you may have the option of choosing between OEM parts and aftermarket parts. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing OEM parts over aftermarket parts:

technician looking under hood

Better Selection

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and OEM parts are made by the original manufacturer of your vehicle. When you choose OEM parts for your vehicle repairs, you will have a better selection of parts that are specifically designed for use in your vehicle. By choosing OEM parts, you will ensure that your vehicle receives the proper parts it needs to return to peak working condition.

Ensured Quality

By replacing damaged vehicle parts with OEM parts, you will ensure that you are using quality parts in your vehicle. Because OEM parts are made by the same company that built your vehicle, you will have the confidence that comes from knowing that you have replaced a damaged vehicle with the exact same part.

Warranty Coverage

Most auto manufacturers cover their OEM parts with a comprehensive warranty program. Aftermarket parts, by contrast, are typically not covered by a warranty. By choosing OEM parts, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your parts are backed by a warranty.

When your vehicle is in need of collision repair, make an appointment at Michael J’s Body Shop right away. Our highly trained technicians will use only the highest quality parts and services, so you can feel great knowing that your vehicle will leave our service center in perfect working condition. Call our San Jose location at (408) 899-5249 to make an appointment for your collision and auto body repairs today!