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Oil Change

What is paintless dent repair? How often should you get an oil change? What does your car’s check engine light mean? Cars are complex machines, and as such, they come with a multitude of questions. If you’d like to learn how to keep your car in great shape, then check out these resources.

For a quick overview of how paintless dent repairs work, as well as certain advantages to getting paintless dent removal, check out this article from

MSN Autos has a more in-depth analysis of what paintless dent repairs are, and what they can fix.

Yahoo! Autos has an article on how frequently you should get your oil changed, as well as compelling reasons for why oil changes are necessary.

Some people might be tempted to ignore their check engine light. This article from explains why this isn’t the best idea.

This article from HowStuffWorks can help you look for signs that you need to check your brakes.

If you need auto body repair, then contact Michael J’s Body Shop. Call us at 408-279-2070 to learn more about our collision repair services.