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There are few better feelings than driving a brand new car home from the dealership. If your car has started to lose its new car cleanliness and shine, however, you may be overdue for detailing services. An auto body shop can provide you with thorough auto detailing that will leave your car looking fresh, shiny, and good as new. Let’s review the top three signs that your car could benefit from auto detailing services.

A professional cleaning the interior of the car

Your car’s interior smells funny

Spilled beverages, food crumbs, and other substances can leave a foul odor in your vehicle. When you start to notice an unmistakable smell as soon as you enter your vehicle, this is a sure sign that you are ready for an auto detail. Your detailing pros will deeply clean your car’s upholstery and interior, which will help to eliminate any offensive odors.

Your gear shift is getting sticky

The many surfaces around your car’s interior will have a natural tendency to collect oil, dust, and other types of buildup. If it has been a long time since you last had your car detailed, the buildup in your car may be causing your gear shift to get stuck in position. After your car has been detailed, all of its shifters, knobs, and levers will be perfectly clean.

Your car’s exterior has small scratches or dings

While a major scratch in your paint will require professional auto painting services, minor paint issues can be buffed out during your detail. When your team cleans the exterior of your car, they will carefully wax, buff, and shine your car’s coat of paint. Once your detailing service is complete, your paint scratches may no longer be visible.

To schedule an auto detail appointment, get in touch with Michael J’s Body Shop by calling 408-279-2070. From paintless dent repair to auto collision repair and more, we are proud to be a full-service auto body shop in San Jose. Our team will be happy to provide your car with thorough detail.