Sep 22, 2014 | | Santa Barbara, CA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

To the person reading this review and wondering where they should take their car…TAKE IT HERE!All the other reviews (and mine) are right.It really is that great of a place!!I was rear-ended the day after my birthday and knew I had to get some body work done. New to the area, I had no idea where to take my car to get it fixed. I love my Fiat 500 Abarth and wanted it fixed right and fixed well.State Farm referred Michael J’s as well as some other body shops, but after checking the reviews here at Yelp and hearing everyone speak well of them, I decided to send an inquiry to their website late in the day.I got a call the next morning from Rich who took care of everything. He wanted to book time for me to come in for an estimate and said he would take care of all the paperwork and would take care of the rental car reservation while my car was in the shop (covered by insurance plan). Impressed by the speed and quality of service, I took my car in for an estimate.The estimate was done quickly by Reuben, who had a very good eye and noticed all the issues. Parts were ordered (and delivered quickly) and time was booked for the repairs, along with the rental car I would need to get to work during the repairs.***I have not experienced this caliber of high-level of customer service since I lived in Japan! They took excellent care of me!***A couple of days before the repairs were to be made, it rained enough to get my car wet, then the gardeners came in with leaf-blowers to coat my car in all sorts of filth. I had to take my nasty car in to them for repairs. What I got back for a perfectly fixed car, cleaned inside&out, and SHINING!! Nothing made me feel better than getting my smashed, disgusting car turning back into the lovely, shiny machine it should be!! The attention to detail they put into fixing and cleaning my car shows just how much they know and care about cars, and how dedicated they are to their amazing customer service!I wish I could give them more than Five Stars, because they are absolute professionals! The work they do is great, and the care and service they provide before and after they get to work is beyond anything I could have ever expected.Thank you everyone at Michael J’s!!*I almost forgot… they had to replace my trunk panel and thus had to color match the original black pearl of the rest of the car. I had to look really hard to find the difference, and it is there, but it is so well done that you would never know by looking at it, and would have to have a very good eye to notice it even after it was pointed out up -close. Only me, and everyone reading this far, knows the truth!

Value Statements

  • Written lifetime warranty on all collision repairs
  • Extended business hours (including Saturday)
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Cost-effective labor prices
  • Free pick-up assistance
  • Rental car assistance
  • Bilingual capabilities
  • Strong partnership with vendors
  • Ability to e-mail repair estimates
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed