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Client’s rating: 5 of 5

“This is hands down the best body shop in town.  I’ve come here twice now to get my Subaru fixed (both times I was rear-ended at a stop light).  The first accident, the girl hit me so hard from behind, that my stopped car hit the car in front of me. I had damage in the back, in the front and partially on the right side of the vehicle.  Michael J’s was so professional, easy to work with and kept me posted on what was going on with the car.  Both times, they had a rental waiting for me at the shop, and let me know the status of the vehicle as we waited for parts, etc. Another plus is that they are pre-approved through State Farm so everything is so seamless and easy on my part. 

They really go the extra mile. They even spent thirty minutes dislodging a key that I dropped on the driver’s side of the rental car.  It got lodged underneath the metal tracks of the driver’s seat.  I had about three guys using all sorts of tools and gizmos to get the key out from under the tracks. It was an important key to a safe deposit box, so it meant a lot to me that they were willing to help. 

I really feel that they care about doing their best work, and I trust them completely. I will never go anywhere else!”

Value Statements

  • Written lifetime warranty on all collision repairs
  • Extended business hours (including Saturday)
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Cost-effective labor prices
  • Free pick-up assistance
  • Rental car assistance
  • Bilingual capabilities
  • Strong partnership with vendors
  • Ability to e-mail repair estimates
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed