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Our brand new month-old Acura was in a fender bender with damage to the door edge and the top of the wheel well. I took our car to a couple of body shops and they were all over the map. The ones recommended by the dealer wanted to change the quarter panel (which I was not in favor of on a brand new car) and the ones recommended by AAA wanted to pretty much replace nothing and bondo everything back to shape (which I was not in favor of either). Based on the high recommendation from my neighbor, I called Jeff, the owner who spent a lot of time explaining the process to me. Later when my wife took the car to the shop, Jeff again spent time explaining to her what they would need to do to fix the car. 
We dropped the car off for the repair and the very next day Jeff called telling me that he did some research and Acura/Honda recommends that the repair be done in a certain way. He knew I was not in favor of cutting the car up and said he will do his best to pull the dent back into shape per original spec even though it was more work. 
We got the car back like it was before the accident. The paint the job is phenomenal and you cannot even tell any repair has been done. 

A couple of the reviewers have indicated that Michael J’s took a long time to give them their car back- I think it has more to do with how the insurance company handles these issues than with how fast Michael J’s does the work. We had a very good AAA adjuster and got our car back in 6 days. 

Jeff and Ray are awesome and I would highly recommend Michael J’s to anybody.

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