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Client’s rating: 5 of 5

The guys here are super Fn cool.
Now, maybe I’m a little bias, because I tend to get really good treatment at car places, in general. Yeah… being a smokin hot babe, doesn’t hurt!  
I’m just kidding.  
Sort of.
But seriously, I’m from a family of car guys (body shop guys to be specific) and I know how what I need, when I need it, and approximently what it will cost. 

That being said… this girl doesn’t get played when it comes to her babies (cars). 

I also know what i’m working with, and know that sometimes pretending to know less than you do, works in your favor.  Where other times (rarely), you simply get a really awesome crew of guys and girls, who will treat you great no matter what.

I’ve come into the shop two or three times, because Ruby (my Veloster) and I went through a bad patch, a few months ago.  The guys were amazing.  Provided me with free advice, a touch up, and even told me not to waste my money on a body-shop in my case, and just to get paintless dint repair.

Gotta love honesty from a body shop!  Of all places on earth, a body shop can straight rob your @ blind, and most people wouldn’t even notice.  But no… these guys are genuine, down to earth, and awesome even when it comes to the most picky car owners out there…..
like um…… me.

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