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It was Friday and like everyone in the free world I was riding the TGIF wave until my day is rudely interrupted by a reckless Driver. Thank GOD my car was parked and no one was injured, our 2009 cherry red Mazda3’s bumper, on the other hand was hit and scratched BAD! My fiance called Oak tree Mazda and they immediately referred us to Michael J’s  on Taylor and Coleman. 

I walked into the shop clueless about who they were and the type of work they did. I was greeted by Rich who took the reigns of the situation and helped us navigate the muddy waters of insurance and third parties to get our car back to its original shape with as Lil damage to our pockets as possible considering this wasn’t even our fault!! 

Sure enough a few hours later the claim was in and parts were ordered. I left the shop feeling like my car was in good hands. I turned  the car over to MJ’s for repair on Tuesday and got it back on Wednesday. Yes that’s right it took them all of ONE day to  return our car to us in better than original condition! I drove out of there proud of the look and feel of our car it literally felt like I was driving it off the lot.  

The whole process from crash to makeover was made all the more pleasant by dealing with a staff that was empathetic, experienced, knowledgeable and accommodating. They walked us through every step of the process had no problem explaining their answers to all our questions It’s refreshing to see that businesses like this still exist thanks to Jeff, Ray, Rich, Brian, Cindy, and the people who worked on the actual car u all ROcK!!

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