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Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Fantastic body shop that stands behind their work.

I took it in for a huge dent on the door and door jam. They promised to make the car look better than new and would touch up the back bumper too. When I got it back the dent was all fixed and they removed a few small dents too. They did touch up the bumper but I wasn’t happy with a touch up. In hindsight, the entire bumper needed to be prep. and painted. The owner personally met with me and offered to repaint the entire bumper free of charge. He even offered me a free rental. After they redid the entire bumper, which they didn’t have to do, the car looked better than new. Just like they promised. It is clear that MJ  makes sure their customers are wowed by their work. 

Wow, they went out of their way and repainted my entire bumper for free, to make sure I was happy.

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