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When I recently was in a car accident, I had no idea where to take my car for the bodywork that would have to be done.  I asked several friends but no one had had a good experience so I went online and threw a dart.  I hit Michael J’s Body Shop.  The reviews were good so I gave them a call.  

I was pretty much a mess over the accident.  Long story but there was lots of sentimental value to my car. Cindy, the office manager, was so kind to me and never made me feel like I was a crazy person for being so attached to me car (and I kind was).  She took charge and had my car picked up from the towing company’s lot.  I had forgot to leave the key with my car so I had to go down to Michael J’s to drop it off.  I was so impressed with the how clean the business was and how involved the company is with the community.  The parking lot was tight because of the many cars they had at the time, but other than that the place had a great vibe.  

I met Cindy and she then guided me through the process with the insurance company and introduced me to one of her bosses Richard Villanueva.  Richard was kind to take some time and explain he felt my car was probably totaled.  I lost it.  But to his credit he did not roll his eyes and look for a place to escape to.  He just listened to my story.  He even asked one of his employees to remove the car’s emblem to give to me.

As it turned out, I did not need the repair services of Michael J’s as my car was declared totaled by the insurance adjuster.  However, I now have a place to take my car if I ever need the services of an auto body shop.  And if anyone ever asks me if I know a good place to get their car fix without hesitation I will say, “Michael J’s on W. Taylor Street; they have outstanding customer service.”

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