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Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Customer service so great… it inspired me to write a review and bake cookies!
From my first phone conversation to my last visit, I was nothing but wowed by Michael J’s.  

I recently took ownership of my dad’s 12 year old truck that had some paint damage I wanted to address.  Having never had a need for an auto body shop, I called around.  Time after time I explained what I thought I needed and was offered a variety of remedies until I called Michael J’s.  
Rich answered the phone and from the start it was a different conversation.  Unlike my other calls, he didn’t offer to repaint or repair the truck right off but rather listened to my story, offered to take a look at it and inform me of my options.    

First impression – Good.

So a week or so later, I headed down to Michael J’s.  What I noticed was a smooth running operation.  The shop is busy but very clean and highly professional.  I was greeted with smiles and offered a beverage.  Rich remembered me and while he agreed that it could be repainted, instead he highly recommended that I seek out an intense detail job – explaining that for the money I might be better served.  He even recommended a company. 

I was impressed by his kindness, honesty, integrity, and professionalism that went well beyond the buck.  Second impression – Great.

While I was generally very pleased with the detail work I had done, the driver’s side panel still seemed to have some oxidation or discoloration.  They recommended that I take the truck to Michael J’s to be sanded.  So, back to Michael J’s I went…

Rich was genuinely interested in my progress with the truck.  Again, I was expecting a bid and to leave the truck with them to work on.  Instead he discovered that all the truck needed was a little more elbow grease and rubbing compound.   So what did he do?  He called the detail shop and explained that the work had not met his expectation and went so far as to walk me over to ensure that my needs were met without issue or added expense.

Third impression – WOW!! My faith in customer service has not only been a bit restored but exceeded.

Anyone could have taken advantage of a grieving daughter. To be able to take care of my dad’s truck and feel so well taken care of in the process leaves me unable to really express my thanks… although I’m trying with this review (and the cookies of course).   Thank you Michael J’s!!!

Two trips to Michael J’s and while I didn’t spend a penny with them, I would never hesitate to in the future.

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