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Rain drops falling on the car

Cars are growing safer, more attractive, and more energy efficient with each passing year. One of the more recent developments to become mainstream in the automotive industry is a damage-resistant car paint finish. Continue reading to learn how your newly manufactured car’s paint job may protect its exterior from factors that once would surely have damaged its coat and sent you to the auto body repair shop, including:

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings have been spoiling perfect car paint finishes since the beginning of modern automotive history. Most new cars are designed so that their paint lacquer does not react to bird droppings the way it used to, by molding around the texture of the dropping. While car owners should still thoroughly wash bird droppings from their cars as soon as they spot them, bird droppings on the hood or roof of your car are no longer the damaging force they once were.


New clear-coat finishes are designed to absorb damage from chips and scratches that goes straight through to the paint of older cars. As long as you have a new layer of the clear coat applied to your car’s paint following collision repairs, your car should be better equipped to resist minor damage from hail, gravel, and other sources of dents, chips, and scratches.

Tree Sap

Parking under trees for shade’s sake is popular in warm, sunny places like San Jose. One unfortunate consequence of this is that sap can spray and drip from shade trees. Once tree sap etches its way into a car’s paint job, deterioration quickly follows and auto body work becomes almost a necessity. Tree sap that is not carefully cleaned off of a car’s exterior will still lead to damage, but modern car finishes give vehicle owners more time to detect and remove tree sap before paint deterioration sets in than they once did.

New cars are more effective at combating these common causes of exterior paint damage than their older counterparts were, but they are still susceptible to damage. If your car’s paint begins to look a bit worse for wear or you are involved in a collision and are seeking repairs from a reputable body shop in the San Jose area, call Michael J’s Body Shop at 408-279-2070.