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Hazardous road conditions may hinder your ability to control your vehicle, increasing your chance of getting into an auto collision. The best way to avoid an accident in harsh weather is to adjust your driving habits to match road conditions. To stay safe and keep your vehicle in one piece, practice these habits when driving in inclement weather or on road surfaces that are less than ideal.

driving in heavy rain

Prioritize Visibility: Several types of road conditions can reduce your visibility of the road. Violent rains, thick snow, and billowing fog can all lower your ability to see the road in front of your vehicle. Reduce your speed and activate your high-beams when you enter areas with low visibility. This precaution will go a long way toward helping you avoid a collision. Experts also recommend pulling your vehicle over to the side of the road and turning your hazard lights on if visibility grows increasingly worse.

Maintain Traction: A sudden or dramatic loss of traction is a common road hazard that leads to countless numbers of auto accident and collisions each year. Thankfully, precise driving techniques can help you avoid the dangers of a slippery or uneven road. Rain-slicked roads should be taken slowly and cautiously. Also, avoid sharp turns to reduce your odds of sliding across the road. If you must stop quickly, pump the brake pedal instead of slamming it into the floorboard.

Stay Calm: The most important tip to remember during hazardous road conditions is to stay calm. Most accidents occur because drivers overreact and overcorrect. However, you can avoid a large majority of driving perils by cautiously reacting to changes in road conditions. Make sure to review these safety tips on a regular basis to build your driving confidence.

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