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When you’re in a car collision and your vehicle’s paint job is damaged, it’s time to visit the auto paint shop. Today’s car paint jobs have an arsenal of tools and skills that they can use to match paint colors, so your car will look just like it did before once the job is done. If you know the color code, it should be easy enough to find the matching hue and mix it up. Mechanics may also use test panels to determine the correct color, and a little knowledge about color theory will help bring it to life.

Technician is painting car

Color Codes

Every color of automotive paint has its own color code. If you know the color code that you’re looking for, it makes the whole process of matching your paint significantly easier. Your vehicle’s identification plate should tell you the color code of the paint, but there are other ways that you can find it as well. If you have the name of the manufacturer, the year the car was manufactured, and the car’s model number, you can search for the color code on the manufacturer’s website.

Test Panels

You should never get started on an auto body paint job until you’re positive that you’ve found the right color. In order to be certain that he or she has the right color, your mechanic will use a test panel. A test panel serves as a sort of rubric that helps you determine if the color you’ve chosen is the right one for the vehicle.

Color Theory

Your auto body paint professional will have to physically create the hue to match your existing paint job, and some knowledge of color theory is imperative. Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors, and your mechanic will need to know how to mix them to create the right hue.

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