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It’s hard to beat the lifestyle in California, but all of the sea air and sunshine can take a toll on your vehicle. Fortunately, with the help of your auto body shop, you can take steps to protect your car from the effects of coastal living. Here is a look at how the environment in San Jose could affect your car and what you can do about it.

Sand Damage

Airborne sand is not always easy to see, but even if you don’t notice it, it is there, impacting your car. Every grain of sand that blows across your car is causing tiny abrasions, and over time, the corrosive impacts will be visible on your paint job. Your car will look dull and eventually the paint will appear streaked, chipped, and otherwise damaged. Staying on top of a routine of regular detailing and having your car painted when damage shows will help you beat the look of a sand-battered car.

Sunset near sea bank

Sun Damage

Sunlight is another enemy of your car’s paint job. Over time, the sun’s rays can make your paint fade and look dull and flat. Older cars are particularly vulnerable, as they were not manufactured with UV protection. One way to lessen the impact of the sun on your car is to make sure to get your car waxed during regular detailing services. Whenever possible, park your car indoors or under shade. When your car’s paint begins to fade, getting it repainted will make it look as good as new.

Salt Damage

Just as you can’t usually see the sand in the air that is damaging your car, you also can’t see the salt that is in the air from the ocean water. Salt eats away paint and leads to rusting of your metal parts. Regular detailing and waxing is good for salt exposure. Between detailing, rinse your car, especially the undercarriage, at least once per week.

Michael J’s Body Shop has all of the services your car needs to stand up to the demands of California living, including detailing and auto body paint in San Jose. To find out more, call our auto body shop today at 408-279-2070.