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Michael J’s Body Shop does more than top-notch auto body repairs. We can also help you make a smart used auto purchase. Also, be sure to check out these online resources to learn more about car safety and auto collision repair.

Foggy Driving Conditions

  • This helpful article from the Seattle Times tells you how to drive in low-visibility conditions.
  • These alarming statistics from the Centers for Disease Control highlight the importance of proper seat belt use.
  • Check out this article from Reader’s Digest on safe driving before your next family road trip.
  • With colder weather on its way, has tons of helpful tips for navigating icy winter roads.
  • The National Safety Council hosts a comprehensive online resource with seat belt safety information and state seat belt laws.

At Michael J’s Body Shop, we are here to make sure your vehicle gets back to a safe driving condition as quickly as possible if you are in a wreck. We are also available for making sure your used car purchase won’t leave you broken down on the side of the road. Visit us online or call us at 408-279-2070 if you have more questions about our convenient pre-purchase inspections.