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The road is nothing to take for granted. A car accident can happen at any time to anyone, so exercise caution. Here are some tips for protecting yourself on the road with knowledge and insurance.

smiling couple driving a cabriolet car

If someone you know is getting older and you think their age may be affecting the way they drive, you may want to have a discussion about safety with that person. Check out these tips on safe driving for older adults from

When it comes to teen driving, drinking should never enter the picture. Find out what the California DMV has to say on the subject.

Get the truth on the connections between teen fatalities and vehicle crashes. Here’s a teen driver fact sheet from the CDC.

Explore how GAP insurance can help you if your car is totaled. Check out this info from

See how GAP insurance fits into the larger picture of your auto coverage. Check out this article from

If you’re looking to erase the damage done to your car after an accident and get back on the road, call Michael J’s Body Shop today for quality, professional collision repairs in San Jose. Contact us at 408-279-2070.