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After an auto collision, the damage you see on the outside of your car is not all you have to worry about. Damage to the frame can’t readily be seen, but if left unrepaired it can lead to serious problems with your transmission, engine, and other components of your car. Your auto body shop can perform a thorough inspection of your frame after an accident to determine if there was any damage, so you can get the necessary repairs performed. Get the answers to some questions you may have about this important part of collision repair here.

Mechanic repairing car

What Is Frame Damage?

Your car’s frame is like your car’s bones. The frame supports the exterior of your car and all of the internal components. During an accident, the frame could become bent or cracked due to the pressure of the crash. In some cases, this kind of frame damage will be obvious by looking at the car. In other instances, the outside of the car may look fine, but internally, there could be a serious crack in the frame that can only be found during an inspection at your auto body shop.

What Will Happen to My Car If Frame Damage Has Occurred?

Frame damage can lead to serious issues. If your frame is bent, it will become difficult to keep your car straight as you travel down the road. These handling issues make future collisions more likely. If there is a crack in the frame, that portion of the frame may eventually snap, which will cause dangerous driving conditions.

How Is Frame Damage Repaired?

Your auto body can repair your damaged frame through frame straightening. The technique used to straighten the frame of your car depends on the location and extent of the damage, but a machine that uses tension and a series of chains may be used to coax your frame back into position.

Don’t risk driving a car with frame damage. Let Michael J’s Body Shop restore your vehicle with our collision repair service in San Jose. To schedule repair service for your car or to learn more about our work, call 408-279-2070.