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Run-off-road collisions represent a mere 16% of all crashes according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Shockingly, however, these accidents account for roughly one in every three fatal crashes in the United States. Here’s a closer look at what typically causes run-off-road collisions, what you can do to avoid this type of collision, and what to do if you are ever in one.

Watch the turns

Attempting to Avoid a Collision

Many drivers end up in run-off-road collisions when they are attempting to avoid another vehicle, a person, or an animal in the road. To reduce the chances of this happening to you, avoid speeding and be extra careful when you are taking blind turns and driving near a steep drop off.

Taking a Turn Too Quickly

Though many new vehicles are equipped with electronic stability control systems that sense a loss of control and apply braking power to keep the car on the track, this will not prevent all run-off-road collisions. Rather, it’s most important to be cautious when you enter a turn at night, when the weather is bad, or when you are not completely familiar with the turn.

Loss of Vehicle Control

This can be the result of many different bad driving habits. Make sure that you are inflating your tires to the manufacturer-recommended levels and that you are replacing your tires when the tread gets too low. Furthermore, be sure that you are staying alert when operating a vehicle; don’t text and drive, and tell your passengers that you cannot be distracted, especially at high speeds.

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