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Your local auto body shop may offer more than just dent repair. When you bring your car in for an auto body paint procedure, you should be sure to ask your technician about any detailing services that they can provide for your car. With routine auto detail appointments, you can keep your vehicle’s new car shine. If you are wondering what types of services will be best for your car, look at these popular auto detailing procedures.

Exterior Detailing

To help your car really stand out on the road, you may want to schedule an exterior detailing appointment. During an exterior detail, a technician will carefully clear dirt, grime, and debris from every surface component of your vehicle. You can also expect to have your wheels polished and your tires treated with a special blackening agent. After an exterior detail, you may not even recognize your very own car.

Mechanic auto detailing the car

Interior Detailing

During your busy day to day life, there is a good chance that clutter and debris may build up on the interior of your vehicle. Your car’s interior may become especially messy if you are the parent of young children. An interior detail will completely clean and restore the appearance of the inside of your car.

Waxing and Polishing

With routine waxing and polishing services, you will be able to help your car’s paint last longer. When waxing is included with detailed service, your technicians will apply the product by hand. After the soft wax has been buffed into your paint, your car will gleam as though it has just left the dealership showroom.

To set up an auto detail for your vehicle, contact Michael J’s Body Shop by calling 408-279-2070. Our top-rated auto body shop offers the collision repair and detailing services that you need to maintain your vehicle to perfection. We will be thrilled to assist you with the upkeep of your car’s interior and exterior surfaces.