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The wettest time of year in Northern California is fast approaching. To protect yourself and your passengers from a car accident when it’s raining, you must know how to drive safely in the rain. From knowing how to avoid a skid to handling hydroplaning, the following safety tips will keep you safe when you have to drive in the rain.

Rainy Day

Prevent Skidding

Driving slowly, especially around curves, will prevent most skids from occurring. Whenever you move the steering wheel or apply the brakes, do so only with a gentle touch. Stepping on the brakes suddenly can lock up the wheels and cause the vehicle to skid. If you need to slow or stop the car, apply mild pressure on the brake pedal.

Handling a Skid

To handle a skidding vehicle, keep calm, gently take your foot off of the gas, and steer the vehicle slowly in the direction that you want the vehicle’s front end to go. If your car does not have anti-lock brakes (ABS), don’t use the brakes, as this will make the skid worse. But if your car has ABS, keep your foot firmly on the brake pedal as you steer.

Avert Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when a vehicle is driving quickly over a wet road so that water pressure lifts the car off of the pavement and onto the thin layer of water under the vehicle’s tires. Driving slowly, avoiding puddles, and keeping your tires properly inflated are all important and effective methods of reducing the risk of hydroplaning,

Manage Hydroplaning

If your vehicle ever begins to hydroplane, avoid sudden braking and steering, as this can result in a skid. Take your foot off of the accelerator until you feel the car lowering onto the road again. If you need to apply the brakes, do so gently.

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