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In order to be a smart and safe driver, it is important to monitor your typical driving habits to avoid common driving errors. With only a split second of inattention, you may find yourself bringing your car into the auto body shop for repairs. By driving carefully and following the rules of the road, you can avoid some of the most common driving errors. Here is an overview of some of the most common driving mistakes that can harm your vehicle.

A man adjusting his car mirror

Neglecting to Check Your Blind Spots

Every car has blind spots that obstruct the driver’s field of vision. If you neglect to check your blind spots before merging, changing lanes, or turning, you could be at risk of hitting another vehicle on the road. In order to check your blind spots while you drive, you should use your mirrors, or you can physically turn your head.

Parking in an Unsafe Location

Whenever you park your car, you will want to make sure that you find the safest possible location in the parking lot. Ideally, you should park your vehicle away from other drivers and out of the path of falling branches or tree limbs. The best parking spots also provide protection from the elements.

Forgetting to Set Up Vehicle Maintenance

In order to make sure that your car is safe to drive, you will need to set up vehicle maintenance services at regular intervals. Forgetting to check your oil, change your tires, or have your vehicle inspected could lead to an unsafe driving situation on the road.

For more safe driving tips, or to schedule auto body repair in San Jose, get in touch with Michael J’s Body Shop. Our highly-rated auto body shop can provide you with bumper repair, paint touch up, and any other services that may be required to restore the condition of your vehicle. Give us a call at 408-279-2070 to schedule an auto body repair appointment for your vehicle today.