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If you’re in an auto accident, chances are that you’ll hear a lot of misinformation about the collision repair process. These myths can cost you money and affect your ability to restore your car to its original condition. Don’t let misconceptions about how collision repairs work keep you from getting the best service for your car. Here is what you need to know about the misinformation that could cost you during the repair process.

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Myth: Your Insurance Company Can Tell You Which Auto Body Shop to Use.

This myth is one of the most persistent ones that drivers encounter. Although your insurance company may have preferred auto body shops in your area, that doesn’t have to dictate where you take your car. Your insurance coverage extends to a body shop of your choice. Don’t let your insurance company sway your decision by offering you a warranty for your repairs. Your warranty should come from the auto body shop, not from the insurance company.

Myth: Damaged Frames Can’t Be Fixed.

Frame damage can have serious implications for your car, but the notion that your frame can’t be repaired is outdated. Advanced frame straightening procedures make it possible for bent frames to be returned to their normal conditions safely and effectively. Make sure the collision repair shop you choose is experienced in frame straightening, so you can save your car from being totaled because of frame damage.

Myth: Anyone Can Do Paintless Dent Repairs.

Paintless dent repair is a much more complex job than it seems on the surface. It’s necessary for auto body shops who offer this service to have extensive training. Poor paintless dent repair jobs can leave damage in the metal of the car and cause paint chipping and flaking. Be sure the auto body shop you choose for paintless dent repair is experienced.

Get the most out of your collision repairs by choosing the right auto body shop to get you back on the road. At Michael J’s Body Shop, we’ve been providing customers with the highest quality auto body repairs in San Jose for decades. Find out for yourself why drivers choose our shop by calling 408-279-2070.