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Auto insurance: Every driver needs it, but few find it easy to understand. If your insurance policy seems like a foreign language to you, you’re in good company. While you don’t need to remember every detail of your coverage, there are a few main categories you should be familiar with. If you’re ever in need of collision repair, the staff at the auto body shop can work with you and your insurance carrier to coordinate the repairs.

Liability Coverage

Check your policy for the sections on bodily injury liability and personal property liability. Bodily injury liability protects you from expenses stemming from the injury of another person, and personal property liability offers coverage for the collision repairs of the other driver. Your policy will specify the maximum amount each type of coverage will offer. Every state requires motorists to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, but you do have the option to increase your coverage limits.

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Personal Injury Protection

Your own expenses related to injuries or disabilities, as well as those of any passengers you had at the time of the crash, are covered under personal injury protection (PIP). The coverage extends to your lost wages, provided that missed time at work is directly due to your injuries. If your health and disability insurance policies aren’t very good, you’ll want to purchase a higher amount of PIP coverage.

Collision Coverage

If you get into an accident, collision coverage will pay for your repairs. Collision coverage applies to all types of accidents involving your car, including two-car collisions and single-car collisions. It doesn’t extend to damage caused by natural disasters or theft—you’ll need comprehensive coverage for that.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If you’re the victim of a hit and run accident, you’ll be covered by uninsured motorist coverage. It also offers protection if you’re in an accident with another driver who is uninsured. Some drivers lack sufficient liability coverage to pay for the damages, and uninsured motorist coverage will take care of this as well.

Over the past two decades, the friendly team at Michael J’s Body Shop has gained a wealth of experience coordinating collision repair with insurance companies. Visit our auto collision center serving San Jose, and we’ll help you demystify your coverage and return your car to its pre-accident condition. Our auto body shop is available at 408-279-2070.