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An auto body paint job is a lot more involved than just spraying on a quick layer. When you take your car to a professional auto paint shop, your ride will be treated to multiple coats of carefully applied, specially formulated paint and protective materials. First, primer is applied to an unpainted surface. When working on a car that has been previously painted, the technician will use sealer or primer-sealer. As the name suggests, a sealer seals the underlying surface and prepares it for a fresh application of paint.

Technician is painting car

After applying the primer or sealer, the technician will apply the base coat of paint. Basecoats tend to be strongly pigmented for maximum color and gloss. Usually, two to three layers of basecoat are needed, with drying time in between applications. Lastly, the technician applies a clear coat. Clear coats lack pigment. Instead, they specialize in durability and gloss. The job of the clear coat is to protect the basecoat.

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