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Most car accidents produce little more than temporary emotional damage. Unfortunately, some accidents result in a life-changing injury or even death. Learn about the injuries a driver might sustain after an auto accident by reading the information below.

car wreck


Whiplash is the common term used to describe a neck injury after a crash, often resulting from a rear-end collision. Drivers experience whiplash after the sudden and violent forward motion the skull makes when the car is hit from behind. Physical damage includes muscle strain and/or tearing of the soft tissue in the neck. In severe cases, nerves, discs, ligaments, and vertebrae are damaged as well.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are another common injury suffered by drivers after an auto accident. Compression fractures to the back are the most serious in this category and can lead to permanent disability in some cases. Spinal cord injuries are also common and often serious. Symptoms of spinal cord injuries include weakened arms or legs, respiratory problems, nerve numbness, abnormal bladder and bowel control, and paralysis.

Lower Body Injuries

Lower body and leg injuries are commonly found on the scene of an auto accident, especially in cases where the front of a vehicle has been compacted inward at impact. When a collision forces the parts of the dash and steering wheel towards the driver’s lower body, their hips, legs, ankles, and organs can be damaged. In worst case scenarios extensive hospitalization, total hip replacement, and amputation may be required as treatment.


Oddly enough, the second most common car-related injury is due to overexertion from pushing a car. Sometimes people try to push immobile vehicles off the road after an accident, but because the vehicle mobility is often compromised after an accident, people will overexert themselves. Some common injuries include strained back and thigh muscles.

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