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Auto Body Painting in San Jose, CA 

After you’ve been in a vehicle accident, all you want is for everything to go back to normal. In addition to vehicle body damage, collisions often leave your car’s paint job ruined. If your car’s paint has been destroyed, Michael J’s Body Shop can help. Our auto experts have performed quality paint jobs for more than 20 years. Whether you need a minor touch up or extensive repainting, the team at Michael J’s Body Shop will give you results you’ll love. Contact us today to schedule your auto body painting. 

Repainting Vehicles After All Kinds of Damage 

Auto paint damage comes in all shapes and sizes. The extent of the repainting you’ll need depends on the age of your vehicle and amount of damage. Paint on older cars begins to degrade and requires a full repaint to restore your vehicle to its former glory. However, in many cases, newer cars only need a simple paint touch-up to correct chips and dents. Light surface scratches are usually the result of regular wear and tear, but significant paint damage can result from major collisions. Collisions often result in deep paint scratches that expose the underlying metal. Rear-end, side-impact, sideswipe, and head-on collisions all cause extensive paint damage that you’ll need a professional to repair. The team at Michael J’s Body Shop are skilled at fixing major and minor paint damage. We’re an auto body paint shop dedicated to restoring your car to what it once was, no matter the extent of the damage.  

Achieving the Perfect Auto Body Paint Job 

Making your vehicle’s paint job pristine again is no easy task. But the experts at Michael J’s Body Shop know the best approaches to fixing paint damage up to our customers’ highest standards. Many auto body paint shops overlook the most crucial step—making sure the environment is clean. Loose dirt and grime can severely affect your car’s finished paint job. After we’re confident our San Jose, CA auto body paint shop is clean, our team begins the following process to repaint vehicles:  

  1. Search for and fix imperfections in your car to make for a smooth surface 
  2. Apply primer to protect your car’s exterior 
  3. Sand the vehicle and add a base coat of color 
  4. Apply the final clear protection coat 
  5. Reinspect the vehicle for imperfections and touch-up as needed  

Premier Auto Body Painting at Our San Jose, CA Body Shop  

At Michael J’s Body Shop, we take pride in our primary paint jobs. We strive to perform each of our vehicle repaint jobs to the highest quality. Our exceptional paint jobs may include: 

  • Refreshing paint: If you haven’t a major car accident, but your car’s paint isn’t as shiny and clean as it once was, we’ll refresh the paint job. Our San Jose, CA auto body paint shop gives your vehicle new life after a quick paint refreshing.  
  • Matching color: It’s easier than ever to match our paint to your vehicle’s exact color. With state-of-the-art color matching technology, we repaint vehicles to look good as new. After a visit to our San Jose, CA shop, your car will look as fresh as it did when you first drove it off the lot.  
  • Adding gloss: After repainting your vehicle, our team adds a clear coat to make your car appear glossy and shiny again. Our gloss adds an extra layer of quality to our auto body painting jobs. Not only will your vehicle have a flawless coat of color, but a glossy overtone that makes your car look brand new.  

Always Call a Professional for Repainting Vehicles   

Although repainting a vehicle sounds like a job anyone could do, it isn’t a great idea to do it yourself. Auto body painting is a lengthy process that requires special skills and a great deal of equipment. Trying to repaint your car at home could take several days, and you’ll quickly rack up expenses in paint, sandpaper, an air compressor, and other equipment. You’ll also need a secure shed or garage where you can repaint. Leaving your car to the elements will ruin your paint job before it’s finished. A professional auto body paint shop will have all the necessary equipment on hand and the facility to perform the job. Michael J’s Body Shop completes auto body painting jobs efficiently and affordably. Don’t incur expense after expense trying to DIY a paint job; visit our San Jose, CA auto body paint shop for quality customer service.  


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Choose Michael J’s Body Shop for Auto Body Painting

Regardless of how your car’s paint job was damaged, Michael J’s Body Shop is the ideal solution in the San Jose, CA area. We can repaint your vehicle to make it look good as new, no matter how extensive the paint damage. Our team is committed to excellent customer service, and our work speaks for itself. Contact us today for exceptional auto body painting that will restore your car’s appearance. 

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