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San Jose Auto Frame Straightening

When you have been in a car accident, there are a lot of factors involved in properly repairing your vehicle. One of the main components that is typically damaged includes the frame of your car. Advances in technology and materials have allowed the frames of vehicles to be much more flexible than they used to be, but they can also undergo more damage and crush under the force of a collision. This is intended to protect you as the driver or passenger in a car, but can still be difficult to repair. At Michael J’s Body Shop, we specialize in frame straightening, returning your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

man discussing car underbody with technician

Collision Repair Shop

The technicians who will be involved in the frame straightening process are:

  • Trained and experienced
  • Prepared with the right tools
  • Provide a lifetime warranty on all repairs
  • 3 dimensional
  • Measuring system
  • Chief frame machine

If your frame is misaligned or in need of major repairs, trust our team to repair it. Even if it may seem like your car hasn’t undergone much damage, it may be worse than you think. Our team may be able to provide you with a more detailed report of the damage. Call our team at 408-279-2070 day to find out how much damage your vehicle has truly incurred!

The Cutting Edge in Automotive Collision Repair