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We are open to serve you. Our appraisers and body repair staff are here to assist you, that’s why when you call our phone you get a live person not a recording and the run around.  The satisfaction of you, our customer pairs well with our passion of perfection in the paint booth because we strive for perfection we have high standards we expect to reflect that in how you are treated on the phone, or in person

Car Repair Process in San Jose

If your car has suffered damage in a collision, an auto body shop can help you get back on the road quickly and safely. At Michael J’s Body Shop, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction and offer lifetime warranties on all auto body repair in San Jose, including auto body paint, dent repair, and auto detail work.

man inspecting car

Signs of a Good Auto Body Shop

The most important step in the auto body repair process is choosing a high-quality auto body shop that you can trust. You can reach Michael J’s Body Shop by calling 408-279-2070 for the answers to your questions about our auto collision center serving San Jose.

  • A good auto body shop should also have a good reputation and relationship with vehicle and parts vendors, ensuring your mechanic can get the exact parts he needs quickly and at a good price.
  • Your auto body shop should provide you with a written lifetime warranty on all repairs made; this will provide you with peace of mind and complete coverage if you experience any problems with collision repair work in the future.
  • Consider the benefits of extra services, such as assistance with rental cars, pick-up, and drop-off services, and staff that speaks your native language fluently to ensure the best collision repair experience possible.

Basic Steps in the Auto Body Repair Process

Understanding the auto body repair process will give you a clearer picture of what happens after you drop your car off at the auto body shop.

1. Assessment & Disassembly

The first step in the auto body repair process is determining the full extent of your vehicle’s damage. During this phase, the components of your car will be disassembled and examined so your auto body mechanic can give you the clearest picture of the damage and what must be done to mitigate it, as well as provide an estimate for the work.

2. Repairs

Once a repair plan has been made, your auto body mechanic will order any parts necessary and complete the repairs outlined on your estimate. This may include replacement or repairs of internal and external components of your car.

3. Paint

After repairs have been completed, the exterior of your vehicle will receive auto body paint to repair cosmetic damage and seamlessly match any new components with the existing body of your car.

4. Reassembly & Auto Detailing

Finally, your car is reassembled and all systems are checked to ensure repairs are complete and each system is functioning properly. Your car will be cleaned and any auto detailing needed is completed so you will receive your car from the auto body shop in beautiful and ready-to-drive condition.

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