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We are here to assist you. Our team of appraisers and body repair experts is dedicated to providing you with top-notch service. When you call our phone number, you can count on speaking to a live person, not an automated recording, because we believe in delivering a personalized experience, not a run-around. Your satisfaction as our valued customer perfectly aligns with our unwavering commitment to perfection in our paint booth. We maintain exceptionally high standards, and we aim to ensure that you experience the same level of excellence in how you are treated, whether it’s over the phone or in person.

We Are Your Local Auto Body Repair Experts

You want your vehicle to look good and perform well when you are cruising around the streets of the Bay Area. The auto body repair experts at Michael J’s Body Shop can ensure that is the case for you. We offer comprehensive car body repair services to address problems following everything from major collisions to minor fender benders. Our auto body repair shop has been serving customers from throughout San Jose, CA, and the surrounding area for more than 30 years, and you can rest assured knowing we have the expertise to restore your car to pristine condition. We operate from a state-of-the-art 15,000-square-foot facility that features all of the advanced technology necessary to handle even the most difficult repairs. Call us today to learn more.

Auto Body Repair In San Jose

Why You May Need Auto Body Repairs

If you were involved in a collision or experienced a minor fender bender in the supermarket parking lot, you may need auto body repair services. We can address anything from dents and dings to paint problems and significant damage. Let our experienced mechanics provide professional collision repairs associated with your:


Don’t hesitate to give us a call now at 408-279-2070 to inquire!

We Offer Comprehensive Auto Body Repair Services

Regardless of what type of damage your car has sustained, we have the expertise to restore its condition and provide peace of mind that you are safe on the road. Our team is passionate about cars and committed to your satisfaction. Visit Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose, CA for auto body repair services including:

  • Auto Collision Repair – Our experienced technicians use technologically advanced frame repair equipment to restore cars to their original condition.
  • Paintless Dent Repair – Whether your car was dinged by a shopping cart or dented by a rock in the road, we can remove the imperfection without damaging your paint.
  • Hail Damage Car Repair – If a hailstorm in the Bay Area causes dents on the hood of your car, bring it to Michael J’s Body Shop for repairs.
  • Bumper Repair – We can fix front and rear bumpers on cars, trucks, and SUVs regardless of the age of the vehicle.
  • Windshield Repair – Cracks in your windshield are both unsightly and unsafe. Let our window specialists address your problems so that you can see clearly again.

Our Auto Body Repair Process

The auto body repair process begins at the scene of your accident. Be sure to take pictures of the damage to your car’s body and exchange information with any other parties involved. Next, you will need to visit Michael J’s Body Shop for an accurate auto body repair estimate. Our technicians have extensive industry experience, so we can provide a reliable estimate following our initial inspection. We will explain what measures we need to take to restore your vehicle to its original condition. Our team may have to disassemble certain elements of your car to provide individualized repairs. We will finish by reassembling your vehicle and refinishing any areas that received work before returning your car in excellent shape.

Benefits of Professional Car Body Repairs

Though you may think your car’s body issues are merely eyesores, they could also be affecting the way your vehicle handles and performs. Therefore, you should not attempt to complete body repairs on your own. Rely on the experts at Michael J’s Body Shop. The benefits of professional auto body repairs include:

  • We use specialized, commercial-grade tools
  • Our team can identify any other areas of concern
  • We can quickly resolve your issues so that you can return to the road
  • Our technicians can prevent future problems

Why You Should Choose Michael J’s Body Shop

Michael J’s Body Shop has been a community staple in San Jose, CA since 1988. Over the years, we have enhanced the appearance and improved the safety of countless cars on the road. We use state-of-the-art equipment to repair vehicles of all styles and ages. Our technicians are i-CAR gold-certified and ASE-certified. Additionally, we meet the repair standards of every vehicle insurance company in California, so you know you are in good hands.

Contact Michael J’s Body Shop Today

If your car has been involved in an accident or has dents or dings that you are tired of seeing, bring it to Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose, CA. We offer comprehensive auto body repair services to vehicle owners throughout the Bay Area, and we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today.

The Cutting Edge in Automotive Collision Repair