Collision Repairs in San Jose, CA

Michael J’s Collision Centers: Quality Collision Repairs

There are hundreds of shops who perform collision repairs in San Jose, CA. How do you choose the right one? Should you settle for less-experienced technicians or low-quality products in exchange for a lower price? No, you shouldn’t. Instead, you should base your decision on whether the collision repair center has the experience and advanced technology to repair your vehicle correctly. At Michael J’s Collision Centers, we make your auto body repair decision simple by providing expert, cost-effective service on a full range of auto body repairs.

We’re a Family-Owned Collision Repair Shop

We have more than two decades of experience. Michael J’s Collision Centers is a family-owned company founded on strong values. We believe in offering only top-quality services to our customers. We are a full-service collision repair company prepared to handle virtually any damage you bring to us. Whether your rear bumper was damaged in a fender bender or your sedan suffered side body damage, our technicians can help you.

Our Auto Collision Repair Process

Michael J’s Collision Centers has perfected the process of efficient auto body collision repair. We have years of experience performing a variety of auto body and collision repair services. To do so, we first assess the damage and disassemble what we need to. Once we’ve taken the vehicle apart, our technicians begin repairing the damage. Then we apply a fresh coat of paint, which will match the current paint job on your car. Then we reassemble the pieces and detail the vehicle. We offer:

  • Auto body repair: Our full auto body and collision repair services include ensuring that every inch of your car is fixed, from the front to the rear end and everything in between. When we’re done, you may not be able to tell the car was damaged.
  • Paint: Regardless of the color your car once was, we have color-matching specialists on our team who work to match any paint color precisely. When we are done, your car may look even better than it did before!
  • Frame straightening: If your frame has been damaged and you are afraid of restoring it due to the possibility of further damage, rest assured that we go to great lengths to protect the integrity of your frame during repairs.
  • Alignment and suspension: We know how important it is for your driving experience to feel as smooth and safe as possible. This is done through repairs to the suspension of your car and checking the alignment.
  • Auto detailing: Your vehicle may look as good as new after our in-depth, detailing for the exterior and interior of your car. We take great pride in ensuring no spot is missed and that your car looks beautiful once we are done.
  • Dent repair: Many auto repair shops are careless in their dent repair methods, causing more damage and paint to chip. We have specialized techniques which are done very carefully to avoid further damage or harm.

Contact Michael J’s Collision Centers Today

Michael J’s Collision Centers offers free, no-obligation estimates. We believe you should feel free to bring your vehicle into our shop without being roped into immediate collision repair services. Instead, our technicians examine the damage and provide an accurate estimate for repairs. From there, the choice is entirely up to you whether to proceed. If you do, you can expect excellent results anytime you bring your car to us for car collision repair. Don’t take our word for it. We have a before and after portfolio available to view. Once you’re done, learn more by calling us at 408-899-5249!

Value Statements

  • Written lifetime warranty on all collision repairs
  • Extended business hours (including Saturday)
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Cost-effective labor prices
  • Free pick-up assistance
  • Rental car assistance
  • Bilingual capabilities
  • Strong partnership with vendors
  • Ability to e-mail repair estimates
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed