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Staying up with maintenance for your car this winter is critical if you are going to leave town into a colder climate. To learn more about preparing your car for winter and how your airbags work to keep you safe, visit these webpages.

Driving in the snow

  • Seatbelts are misunderstood in many ways. Head over to to read a list of seatbelt myths and facts.
  • Airbags are responsible for saving many lives. To find out more about how airbags work, go to
  • Making sure your car is ready for cold weather is crucial to keep from finding yourself stuck on the side of the road. has prepared a great list of tips on preparing your car for winter.
  • Driving on snow or ice takes its own special set of skills. For tips on driving safely on snow or ice if you go out of town, check out this article from

For more information about obtaining top-notch maintenance or collision repair services for your car, call Michael J’s Body Shop of San Jose at 408-279-2070.