• Hidden Post-Collision Car Damage That Could Be Dangerous

    It doesn’t matter what type of collision it was—any sort of impact to your car can cause serious damage. Even minor, low-speed impacts into a utility pole can cause problems that you can’t detect with a visual check. It’s crucial to bring your car to an auto body shop after any collision, even if it seems to be fine. One of the components the technician will check is the brakes. If your brakes were damaged in the collision and aren’t fixed right away, you may find yourself in another, more serious crash.

    Auto collision centers also examine the steering, alignment, and suspension systems. Damage to these systems is difficult to spot, but it can compromise the safety of the driver and passengers. Similarly, the engine or fluid lines may sustain damage. If it’s not fixed, the engine may sustain further damage or fail entirely, leaving you stranded.

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  • Do You Have to Push the Button on Your Handbrake?

    Lots of drivers only use their parking brake when parked on hilly terrain. But actually, you should use your parking brake every time you park. When you put your car in park, your transmission gets locked up by a device called the parking pawl. This device is subject to wear and tear, and if it breaks, your car could roll away and crash into something or someone.

    Watch this featured video to hear more about how your parking brake works. You’ll learn that it’s not necessary to push the button when setting your handbrake. You only need to push the button to lower the brake before you drive again.

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  • Prevent a Collision With These Safe Driving Tips

    The winter season is in full swing, and extreme weather conditions and freezing temperatures will create additional driving hazards on the road. To prevent the need for collision repair this season, it is important to practice safe driving habits. In the event that you do experience a fender-bender, an auto body shop in San Jose will be there to assist you. To help you avoid the need for car dent removal, here is a look at some safe driving tips that can be followed during every season of the year.

    Practice Routine Maintenance

    One of the most important steps of safe driving is to perform routine maintenance for your vehicle. Some of your car’s safety systems, such as the breaks and tires, must be professionally maintained in order to remain in proper working shape. For example, scheduling routine break services will ensure that you have the right amount of stopping power as you are driving down the road.

    Avoid Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is among the most common causes of collisions between vehicles. In order to make sure that you are safe behind the wheel, it is essential to avoid some of the most common distracted driving behaviors. Whenever you are operating a vehicle, you should make sure to put your cell phone away and pay careful attention to the road ahead.

    Check Weather Conditions

    When you are driving during the winter months, it is also very important to check the weather conditions for your journey. Snow, rain, and ice can create slippery and hazardous conditions that will make you more likely to experience a crash. In the event that the roads will be too dangerous for travel, it is best to stay home.

    At Michael J’s Body Shop , our team of auto body experts can restore your vehicle to pre-crash condition. From dent repair to paint services and more, we are pleased to provide our customers with a full range of repairs. To set up a collision repair appointment for your vehicle in San Jose, call us at (408) 279-2070.

  • Preventing Sun Damage to Your Vehicle

    During the hot summer months, you may need to seek out services from car paint shops in San Jose. The sun’s rays can cause significant damage to auto body paint and other exterior features of your vehicle. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to prevent sun damage to your car. One of the best ways to prevent sun damage is to park your car in the shade whenever possible. In addition, you can keep your car’s paint looking great by washing and waxing your vehicle on a regular basis. For further paint protection, you can ask your auto body shop about paint protection film.

    When you are in need of auto body repair in San Jose, be sure to make an appointment at Michael J’s Body Shop. Our collision repair experts have the knowledge and experience needed to keep your car looking its very best. Call our shop at (408) 279-2060 to set up an appointment for your vehicle today.

  • Tips for Improving Your Gas Mileage

    With gas prices on the rise, now is a great time to take all of the steps needed to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. A shop offering collision repair in San Jose can help you restore your car to its most efficient performance. By scheduling car dent removal for your vehicle, you can ensure that your car travels down the road as efficiently as possible. Here are some other handy tips for improving your gas mileage when you drive.

    Slow Down

    Speeding is not only a safety concern, travelling at a fast speed can also reduce your fuel economy. To improve your gas mileage , you can make sure that you are driving the speed limit at all times. On the highway, driving faster than 60 miles per hour can greatly diminish your fuel efficiency. By maintaining a steady and safe speed, you will get the most out of every drop of fuel.

    Avoid Traffic

    Driving in traffic is a major source of decreased fuel efficiency. When your car stops and starts repeatedly during the course of a drive, your engine will have to use more fuel to power your vehicle forward. To improve your fuel economy, you may want to avoid peak traffic during your daily commute.

    Travel Lightly

    To improve your gas mileage, you may also want to watch what you store in your trunk. Driving around with a heavy load can put a strain on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Whenever possible, it is a great idea to travel as lightly as possible.

    For more fuel-efficient driving tips, be sure to contact Michael J’s Body Shop. We are pleased to provide the San Jose area with a great range of services, including paintless dent repair and collision repair. For more information about the advantages of trusting our auto body experts for your next collision service, give our San Jose shop a call at (888) 304-5971.