Why It Isn’t Safe to Drive with Suspension Damage

Your suspension system is the part of your car responsible for keeping it from dragging on the ground. It includes many components, including wheels, tires, springs, shocks, and steering. Something can go wrong with each of these parts, making it difficult or even dangerous to drive your car. Suspension damage is possible during a collision, so when you take your car into an auto body shop for repairs, ask them to check your suspension system to make sure no hidden damage has occurred. Driving with a suspension problem can be dangerous, depending on the type and severity of the damage. Here are some of the risks you could face if you have suspension damage.


Broken springs make cars difficult to control.

One kind of suspension damage that can occur during an accident is a broken spring. If your car has a broken spring, driving will feel rough and bumpy, and the car will be difficult to control. The spring can also allow the car to rest on one or more of the tires, which can cause the tire to become separated from the car. Even if you are able to drive your car with a broken spring, you will be doing further damage to the car that will eventually require costly repairs to be made.


Cracked wheels stop cars from moving.

A cracked wheel may prevent a car from moving at all, but in other cases, you will be able to drive with a cracked wheel without knowing there is a problem. However, driving with a cracked wheel will allow the damage to become increasingly worse until a catastrophic failure occurs while you’re driving. Your auto body shop should also inspect your wheels after an accident to make sure there are no cracks.


Broken steerage linkages prevent cars from turning.

A broken steering linkage is an extremely dangerous problem. It will prevent your car from turning and will otherwise make it unsafe to drive. If there is damage to your steering linkage, you should not attempt to drive your car.


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