How Rust Can Damage Your Car

Rust is more than unsightly. It can also cause serious damage to your car. That is why you need to go to your auto body shop any time a scratch or dent happens to your car, even if it looks minor. Minor damage can turn into major issues that require costly repairs or even turn your car into a write-off. Here’s what you need to know about rust and how it can impact your car.


What exactly is rust?

Rust occurs when iron comes into contact with water and air. The carbon dioxide combines with the water, forming an acid that partially breaks down the iron. The oxygen atoms in water bond with the iron atoms and create iron oxide. Iron oxide is very brittle, which is why rust flakes so easily when you touch it. That kind of brittleness is not ideal for a car, which has to be able to withstand wear and tear in environmental conditions and the potential of collisions with other vehicles.


What are the effects of rust on a car?

The impact of rust on a car depends on whether the rust is on the surface or if it is underneath. Surface rust can happen fairly easily. If your paint is dinged by a piece of gravel when you’re driving or if you drive somewhere that deicing agents are used on the road, then surface rust can occur. If the rust is in one surface location, it can be fixed at your body shop by sanding off and resealing the effective area. But if rust is allowed to eat through the metal, it can cause structural damage. A crack in your car’s outer structure is all that is needed to allow rust to invade below the surface and weaken the frame of your car.


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