Teaching Your Teens About Safe Driving

Getting a driver’s license is one of the most exciting rites of passage for a teen. According to the National Safety Council, however, half of all teenage drivers will have a collision before they graduate from high school. Although only time on the road will help teens get the experience they need to become more skilled, confident drivers, there are things that parents can do to teach teens about driving safety. Reduce the chances that you will be seeking collision repairs after letting your teen borrow the car for the evening with these tips for teaching them safe driving.


Lead by Example

Teens mimic the habits of their parents when they are behind the wheel. Are you doing things when you’re driving that you wouldn’t want your teenager to copy, such as texting, speeding, or being aggressive with other drivers? Take a moment to examine your own driving habits, and make sure you’re demonstrating for your teen the kind of driver you want them to be.


Lay Out Your Rules

Teens are inexperienced drivers, so they shouldn’t have free rein over the car just because they passed their driving test. Let your teen know what you expect from him or her when using your car. For example, ban cell phone use and restrict the number of friends he or she can have in the car. Take action if your teen breaks the rules, gets a speeding ticket, or otherwise violates your expectations of safe driving by restricting his or her car use. Make sure your teen sees driving as a privilege that is earned by showing responsible behavior.


Talk About Drinking and Driving

Alcohol and driving never mix, and for teens, the risk of drinking and driving is particularly dangerous. Mixing inexperienced drivers and drinking can lead to life-altering consequences. Discuss the risks with your teen and consider a no-questions-asked policy to encourage your teen to call if you if he or she has been drinking, rather than getting behind the wheel.


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