FAQs About Structural Damage to Cars

After a collision, sometimes the damage to your car may not appear in the form of dents and scratches. Your car may look fine on the outside but be hiding structure damage underneath the surface. This kind of structural damage may not be obvious at first, but it could compromise the safety of your vehicle and cause problems with your car in the future. When you choose an auto body shop for collision repairs, be sure to pick one that knows how to look for more than external damage and that can provide fixes to structure damage, such as frame straightening. Here are the answers to some of the questions that car owners often have about structural damage.


What exactly is structural damage?

Your car’s structure is the frame and underpinnings of the car found underneath the external surface. In the past, this structure was in two pieces, but today’s cars are built as so-called unibody structures, in which the panels of the body and the chassis are built as a single unit. This design allows vehicles to weigh less, which improves fuel efficiency. Structure damage refers to damage that occurs to this unibody structure, usually during a collision.


How do I know if I have structural damage?

In some cases, structural damage will be obvious, but in other instances, you may not know you have structural damage until someone inspects your car and finds it. An auto body shop can detect structural damage during collision repairs by disassembling your car and inspecting it for signs of damage.


Why is it important to repair structural damage?

Structural damage can impact your ability to control your car while driving, and it could leave you more vulnerable to injury in the event of an accident. It can also cause excessive wear and tear on components and lower the value of your vehicle.


Michael J’s Body Shop inspects every vehicle externally and internally as part of our auto body repair process and can perform challenging frame straightening repairs. To find out more about our auto body shop in San Jose, call (408) 279-2070.

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