• Steps to Take to Dispute Your Auto Insurance Settlement Offer

    Just like every other for-profit company, car insurance carriers are in the business of making money. They can’t reach their growth objectives if they offer generous settlement offers to everyone who has to bring their vehicle to an auto body shop. This means that you may get offered less than what you deserve to fix your car. This can be frustrating, but there is hope. You can dispute the settlement offer.


    Understand your car insurance policy.

    The first step is to read the fine print. Your policy should specify the time period in which you can file a dispute regarding a settlement offer. Make sure you get the paperwork submitted in time; otherwise, the insurance company will surely reject your appeal.


    Get your car independently appraised.

    Car insurance companies rely on insurance adjusters to evaluate the damage and develop an estimate for the collision repairs. If you suspect that the insurance adjuster’s report does not accurately reflect the extent of the damage, you have the right to hire an independent insurance appraiser. Since independent adjusters are typically paid with a percentage of the claim, it’s in their best interest to ensure you get the maximum settlement. If your independent adjuster’s report reveals a discrepancy, the insurance company may decide to offer a higher settlement.


    Request mediation or arbitration sessions.

    If a higher settlement isn’t forthcoming, you might think about requesting mediation or arbitration. Both options are less expensive and time-consuming than filing a lawsuit. The downside is that the outcome of mediation isn’t binding, and the outcome of arbitration might not be to your liking. However, mediation or arbitration may be a good choice if you otherwise stand to lose a significant sum of money.


    For more than 20 years, Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose has worked directly with collision insurance companies to help our customers get the collision repairs they need with the coverage they deserve. We believe the collision repair process should be stress-free and hassle-free for our customers. Call (408) 279-2070 to talk to a friendly associate at our auto collision center.

  • Defensive Driving 101

    You may have heard of defensive driving courses as a way to reduce your car insurance or take points off your license. But defensive driving is actually an approach to road safety that all drivers should take because it can reduce your risk of accidents.


    You can learn about the basics of defensive driving when you watch the accompanying video. It discusses the importance of looking ahead to spot hazards, maintaining a safe following distance, and adjusting your speed for the conditions of the road. In addition, never drive while you are either distracted or intoxicated.


    Even careful drivers can get involved in accidents. If it happens to you, call Michael J’s Body Shop at (408) 279-2070 for expert auto collision repairs in San Jose.

  • The Importance of Suspension and Alignment Repairs After an Accident

    Even if you don’t see collision damage after a car crash, it’s probably there. Car accidents commonly damage the suspension system and alignment. If you don’t get these problems repaired at an auto body shop, driving your car can become unsafe. The suspension system is what maintains your control of the vehicle. Problems with it are indicated by excessive bouncing and poor handling, especially when turning, starting, and stopping.


    It doesn’t take much force for an accident to damage your alignment, and failing to get your vehicle properly aligned can lead to more expensive repairs later on. If your alignment is bad, you’ll notice that your car pulls to the right or the left. When you’re driving in a straight line, the steering wheel will be crooked.


    The highly trained and experienced technicians at Michael J’s Body Shop use the latest auto body repair technologies available in San Jose to get your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. Give us a call today at (408) 279-2070 to get the collision repair process started.

  • Get the Facts About Paintless Dent Removal

    Your car is your pride and joy, so it’s understandable to get upset when it gets dinged and dented. If the paint has been severely damaged, your car will definitely need a paint job. But if the body has simply been damaged without significant damage to the paint, then technicians can repair it with a technique called paintless dent repair.


    Reasons for Paintless Dent Removal

    Paintless dent repair can be used on virtually any type of dent in which the paint is still intact. It works well on hail damage, minor dings, creases, and even large dents. Paintless dent repair is an economical way to get your car looking like new after an accident or minor incident. It can save you the cost of replacing a bumper or other component entirely, and of course, you won’t have to pay for a new paint job. It’s also likely that you can get your car back from the body shop more quickly, provided other major repairs aren’t necessary.


    Preparation for Paintless Dent Repair

    Some vehicles might only have one or two dents. But a vehicle damaged by hail might have hundreds of little dings. If this is the case, the technician will place the car under intense fluorescent light in order to clearly see the damage. Then, the technician will go over every inch of the vehicle, marking each ding with a grease pencil or piece of tape.


    Steps in Paintless Dent Removal

    The technician may need to disassemble some of the vehicle’s components in other to access the flip side of the dent. For example, if a dent is on the roof, the technician might need to drop the headliner. Then, a special tool is used to press against the area and coax the dent to straighten out.


    From major collision repairs to dings and dents, we do it all here at Michael J’s Body Shop. If you’re in need of paintless dent removal for your car in San Jose, get in touch today at (408) 279-2070. Ask us about setting up a free evaluation to see if your car is a candidate for paintless dent repair.