• Can Potholes Cause Accidents?

    Auto collision centers usually handle frame damage, dents, and similar collision repairs necessitated by two-car accidents. But it’s always possible to get into a solo accident, particularly if the car hits a large pothole. Potholes are notoriously rough on vehicles, and hitting a deep pothole is similar to striking a protruding object. It can cause the driver to lose control of his or her vehicle. This can lead to additional collisions, particularly if the driver loses control in close proximity to other cars, pedestrians, or utility poles.

    Even in the absence of an accident, potholes can do serious damage to a vehicle. Striking one can cause significant damage to the car’s shocks and struts. It can break components of the suspension system, cause the steering system to become misaligned, and damage the exhaust system.

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  • Staying Safe on Your Road Trip

    Road trips are the quintessential American vacation. Wherever you’re traveling this summer, take a few precautions to minimize the risk of a breakdown and help you deal with the challenges associated with accidents. This video, presented by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), can help you get started.

    The CHP sergeant featured here recommends planning your entire route before you depart, including the areas where you’ll stop to rest. Remember that driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Inspect your vehicle too, checking the oil, radiator fluid, battery life, belts and hoses, and all of the lights. Pack an emergency kit before you leave, just in case.

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  • What is the Crumple Zone and How Can It Affect Collision Repairs?

    The human spine is responsible for giving the body structure and helping a person stand upright. A car’s frame is much the same. It provides support, protects the passengers, and helps keep the parts in the right places. As strong as the frame is, it’s actually designed to sustain damage in a crash. This is called the crumple zone, and it’s an intentional feature. While the crumple zone may cause you to need frame straightening and other collision repairs, it can also help you and your passengers survive the crash.

    Why Manufacturers Designed the Crumple Zone

  • The early history of cars is a little frightening, as there weren’t too many safety features. Early designers produced extremely rigid vehicle bodies, apparently reasoning that the harder the shell, the better it would protect the human occupants. But thanks to the laws of physics, we know better now. When a rigid car strikes a barrier, it will stop—but the humans won’t. They’ll sustain serious damage. Even if they’re buckled into their seats safely, the sensitive internal organs like the brain will keep moving right after impact. The crumple zone is intended to absorb the force of the impact to minimize the force exerted on the occupants.

    Why the Crumple Zone Works

    Thanks to Isaac Newton, engineers know that force equals mass multiplied by acceleration. In terms of car safety, this means that if it takes longer for a car to stop, then the force exerted on the car and its occupants will decrease. The crumple zone works by sacrificing part of the car for the sake of slowing it down and decreasing the force exerted on the occupants.

    How the Crumple Zone Affects Collision Repairs

    The crumple zone saves lives by inflicting damage on cars. Fortunately, cars are much more easily repaired than a severely injured human body. The body shop can use specialized frame straightening equipment to get the vehicle’s frame back to its pre-accident condition. Of course, you’ll also likely need other collision repairs if you’ve been in a major accident, like suspension and bumper repairs.

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