A Quick Look at Frame Measuring

The frame of your car is designed to absorb force during an accident, whether you collide with another moving car on the road, hit a stationary object, or are hit by another moving car while you are stationary. The ability of the frame to absorb the force of the collision protects you and many of the internal components of the car, but the damage done to the frame needs to be considered by the auto body shop that is making repairs.

The process of restoring the frame to its proper shape and size is complex, but your auto body shop can ensure that it is done correctly through frame measuring. By measuring the frame after collision repairs are made, the repair shop can be sure that it has been restored to its exact specifications, so that your car drives exactly as it did before your accident.

Michael J’s Body Shop specializes in frame straightening services, including measuring, and can ensure that your vehicle’s frame is expertly restored to its original condition. For auto collision repairs in San Jose, call (408) 279-2070 today.

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