• Do You Have a Roadside Emergency Kit Yet?

    Even with careful driving, being out on the road is unpredictable. You never know when a collision or mechanical issue will leave you stranded and in need of help. Cell phones may make it easier than ever before to get assistance, but you can’t always get a signal, and you may need to care for yourself before help can arrive. That is why having a roadside emergency kit is so important. Along with a good mechanic and a good auto body shop , a roadside emergency kit is a must-have for car owners. Here is a look at what needs to be in your kit.

    Jumper Cables

    Jumper cables are a must for drivers. If your battery runs flat, you can use the cables to restore its charge using power from another car, so you can drive to a repair shop. Alternatively, stock your emergency kit with jumper cables that run off a lithium ion battery. Although those batteries have to be kept charged, they will allow you to jump your car even if no other vehicles are around.

    Triangle Reflectors

    If you’re involved in a collision or have a broken-down vehicle, triangle reflectors let other drivers know that you’re there. They are especially useful if your incident happens on a dark road with poor visibility. LED flares are another option to increase the visibility of your car when you’re stranded.

    Food and Water

    If help isn’t immediately available, you may have to wait for your car for an extended period of time. Keeping a supply of granola bars, energy bars, and water in your kit means you’ll have sustenance while you wait. It can also be helpful to keep a blanket in your kit in case you’re stranded during cold weather.

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  • What Are OEM Parts?

    Supermarkets stock both brand name products and generic or store brand products. Both products are similar, but sometimes there can be a difference in quality. The same is true of OEM and aftermarket car parts. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made by the manufacturer of the vehicle. They were designed and produced to perfectly fit that particular vehicle. Aftermarket car parts can be designed to work exactly the same way as their OEM counterparts, but they aren’t produced by the manufacturer. When you visit an auto body shop, the technician can help you figure out which is the best choice for your vehicle.

    OEM parts are more expensive and usually higher in quality, which is why not all insurance policies will cover them. If yours won’t, you can ask the auto body technician to use the highest possible quality of aftermarket parts. Or, you can check with the insurance company. Some will allow drivers to use OEM parts if the drivers agree to pay the difference between the cost of the OEM and the aftermarket part.

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