How Unrepaired Body Damage Can Lighten Your Wallet

If cosmetic damage doesn’t bother you too much, you might be tempted to pocket the check from the insurance company and skip the paintless dent repair. But you should know that pocketing the check now could lighten your wallet later on. One reason is that it lowers the value of your vehicle. If you try to sell or trade it in later, you’ll get less money for it. And if you’re in another accident in the future, the insurance carrier will offer less money because your car won’t be worth as much.

There’s also the possibility of hidden collision damage. Even if it looks like your vehicle has only sustained minor damage, that dented bumper may be hiding more serious damage underneath. It’s possible for hidden damage to cause malfunctions in sensors and electronics, which means you’ll have to spend plenty of money for a technician to track down the source of the problem. Play it safe instead, and get your car fixed.

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