Rollover Accidents: Know What to Do Just in Case It Happens to You

Rollover accidents aren’t common, but they are often deadly when they do happen. Even if you survive a rollover crash, you could easily sustain serious injuries, which might be permanently disabling. Just in case it ever happens to you, you should know how to react to a rollover accident. An auto body shop can perform expert collision repairs , but mending a human is far more complex.

Get ready for the rollover.

As soon as you feel your vehicle start to tip, you can take a few precautions. Reduce your risk of breaking your ankles by removing your feet from the vicinity of the pedals. Let go of the steering wheel. Cross your arms against your chest to reduce the risk of internal torso injuries. Press backward into the seat—never lean forward because of the risk of traumatic brain injuries and arm fractures.

Stabilize your body after the rollover.

Once your car has stopped moving, brace your feet against the floor. Take a few deep breaths, and try to remain calm. Check yourself for major injuries. Use your hands to check for head, neck, and face injuries. If applicable, ask your passengers if they have sustained injuries.

Get out of the car.

Turn off the engine, but don’t unbuckle your seatbelt right away. Getting free of an overturned vehicle is actually a major cause of injuries in rollover crashes. Place one hand on the ceiling, which will now be on the ground, and brace yourself. Keep your feet stabilized on the floor, and then unbuckle your seatbelt. Once you’re safely seated on the ceiling, look around to figure out the safest exit strategy. If possible, open a door or roll down a window. If necessary, kick a window out or use the metal prongs on the removable headrest to break the window . Once you and all passengers are safely out of the car, move away from it just in case of a fire. Remember to call 911!

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