Keeping Your Car in Top Condition with Detailing

Your car is a major investment, so it makes sense to keep it in the best condition you can. With auto detailing services, you can ensure your car looks its best while protecting your investment. Our auto body shop offers detailing for cars as part of collision repair services for any driver who wants to improve the appearance of his or her car.

Our auto detailing services include interior and exterior detailing, waxing, glazing, and polishing. Our qualified technicians are committed to providing the best possible level of services, so you drive away with a car that feels brand new. Our detailing will also help to protect your paint and extend the longevity of your car’s interior, so you can get the most out of it.

From car detailing and auto body paint to paintless dent repair near San Jose, Michael J’s Body Shop has all of the services you need to keep your car in top condition. Contact us today at (408) 279-2070 to schedule an appointment for detailing services.

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